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Check Engine - Citroen C5 2.0 2010 - how to solve it

I will start by saying that this way of solving the Check Engine error on Citroen C5 2.0 2010, might have worked for me and there is a chance that will not work for you, but it is worth trying! 

Check Engine errors - Citroen C5 2.0 2010
Picture 1. Check Engine errors
- Citroen C5 2.0 2010
First of all, these are the errors which I had once I did a Fault checking with my Diagbox diagnosis device. 

P0171 - Mixture in the circuit.

P2562 - Variable resistance turbocharger.

P1497 - Variable resistance turbocharger.

P0487 - Air metering valve.

P1499 - Air metering valve.

P1445 - Additive adding. 

At the beginning I thought that I should clean the EGR, therefore I have asked a mechanic friend if he could help me with that. We started to take out all the parts around it and he notice that one of the two vacuum hoses is disconnected at the lower end (the hoses I am talking about are shown with green color, marked as number 2 in the below picture). He was 100% that was what have caused a few of the errors, therefore we connected it back and made sure it stays connected!

Boost Pressure sensor
Red Arrow - The orifice where
 the Boost Pressure sensor enters
Yellow Arrows - Oil and dirt
We have then took out the Boost Pressure Sensor (marked as number 3.) located on the top of the engine as shown by the yellow rectangular number 4. This was full of some kind of oil/grease! I must admit, I have never cleaned it till now! When I saw how dirty this sensor was, I have cleaned also the intake where those two big hoses combine (number 4). You can't believe how full of thick dirt this was! Prepare some rugs and brake cleaner, you will need a lot of them! 

After we put all the parts back, we have dismounted the MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) and sprayed it with contact spray so all the dust will go off! This sensor can be identified as number 5, blue circle in the below picture.

Citroen C5 2.0 2010 - Boost Pressure Sensor
Citroen C5 2.0 2010 - Boost Pressure Sensor

Next step was to do another Fault Diagnostic with Diagbox and delete the errors (are under the Injection/Ignition menu).

After that I drove around 200 km, being sure that when the gears will change, the RPMs will be over 2500 -3000 so the turbine can start and the Check Engine error will pop-up in the dashboard but it didn't! I guess the problem was solved! 

Citroen C5 2010 - Shifting from a gear to another is a bit jerky
One more problem which I think was solved by this cleaning is the small "jerk/shock" that I was feeling when the car was shifting from 2nd to the 3rd gear! Now this shifting is way smoother! I can't even notice it! The engine runs also more quietly!

Of course if you have never changed the oil in your automatic gearbox, you should think of having an oil change after every 60.000 km.

Let me know if you have encountered the same problems and if this worked for you too! 

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