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How to buy and register a motorbike in Germany?

Below I wrote the steps that you have to follow in case you want to buy and register a motorbike in Germany.

1. Contact the seller.

2. Check the motorbike to be in good condition (without a previous accident). As well to have a valid TUV, because that will prove that the motorbike is road worthy.

3. Step on it and ride it a bit, check if it fits to your body.

4. Negociate the price and finish the deal by filling one selling-buying contract in two copies (one for you, one for him). Be sure that the data filled is in conformity with the motorbike that you are paying. There are examples of such contracts online (ADAC for example)

5. He will unregister and will hand you all the motorbike documents.

6. Search for an insurance. (I did a seasonal one from March to October). They will provide you an eVB number which you will need for the below step 7.

7. Make an appointment at "kfz zulassungsstelle" in your city and go there having all those documents + eVB number + your ID and your Anmeldung paper.

8. At kfz zulassungsstelle you will hand the documents to the person that you are appointed and, he/she will ask you from which Bank Account will you pay the tax, if you want to register it just seasonal, what Licence plate do you want (preferential one costs more) and if it should be short or longer (it depends on the motorbike license plate support, I have short 15 x 20 cm).

9. The person at the office that you provide all the above will hand you a card and you have to go to the machine which is nearby and pay, return to that office with the receipt.

10. The same person from the office will now give you a small paper and a number and will tell you to go to the place where they print this license plates. Usually there are small shops nearby.

11. You hand that small paper to the person in charge, pay 15 EUR and return to the kfz zulassungsstelle but this time you go to another office where you will give the licence plate and the number received. Here they will stick some hologram on your number, and give you back the documents with your new motorbike number written on it.

12. You can now add it to your motorbike and ride.

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  1. Thank you! Useful article! I have registered my Motorbike, a GS1250 using these steps!

  2. My motorcycle registration went smooth after reading this! Thanks a lot!