duminică, 30 august 2020

How to install Revolut on Huawei Phone | Cum sa instalezi aplicatia Revolut pe un telefon Huawei

Yesterday I have encounter a problem which I did't have before, as well, I could not find any good article to guide me how to install Revolut application on a Huawei phone, so I have decided to write one by myself!

You know that some time ago, Google restricted it's services to the Chinese giant Huawei, so Google Play was removed and Huawei's users could not install the applications in the classic way as before. Anyway, there are methods of how to install back the Google play and run applications from it (I am sure there are a lot of articles on this subject) but the biggest problem you will face is when you search Netflix or, in this case Revolut, and you realise that they don't ever appear on Google Play Store!  This was also my problem! I haven't find it and even on Google if you can find it, when you are redirected to Google Play, it will show you a message that ''Your device isn't compatible with this version''.

Here is the solution : 

Some smart guys have created a website where you can download every version/update released of the (most popular) applications. The website is called APKmirror.com. On this website you will search Revolut and download which version you want. Curently, 30.August.2020, the latest version is 7.14.1.

Steps of installing Revolut on a Huawei phone :

1. Be sure you have previously installed Google Play on your phone. If not, check the internet and have it installed.
2. Go to the APKmirror and download the latest Revolut app version. Save it in a location (the default Downloads folder would be good) which you will know how to get to it later.
3. Go to Google Play Store search and download APK Mirror Installer. It looks like below : 

4. After installing APK Mirror application, open it and then press Browse Files.

5.By default, it opens the default Downloads folder and you can choose from there which version you want to install. At that moment 7.13. was the latest Revolut version. Press on it! It will pop up a screen where you will have to choose Install package.

6. The installation will begin and in a few seconds the system will tell you that it could not be verified by the Huawei AppGallery and you will be asked to search for it in AppGallery. You will press Install Anyway and then when the process is ready, you will be able to open the Revolut application and use it as normal.  

By the way, the same process works for Netflix as well.

3 comentarii :

  1. This was really helpful.. at leat for the Netflix application.

    1. I am glad it helped you! I had struggled before with Netflix and was quite easy to install it (even without ApKMirror) . Revolut has been way more difficult!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have finally managed to Install Revolut on my Huawei Mate 9 Phone!