vineri, 11 decembrie 2020

Dark mode for Facebook in 4 steps.

Facebook is looking better with Dark mode activated, especially for people that are spending lots of time socializing. It brings a change in their lives :).

I did it and I will explain you here, in 4 steps how to set-up your Facebook to the Dark Mode option.

Step 1. Open Facebook App and press on your small rounded profile picture, located on the right top of your phone screen.

Step 2. Scroll down a bit and Press on the Settings & Privacy tab.

Step 3. You are almost there! Press on the Dark mode tab.

Step 4. Choose ON option and that's it! 

Now that you have Dark mode for your Facebook, enjoy it!  

joi, 5 noiembrie 2020

How to solve "Risk of particle filter clogging" error Citroen C5?

I will explain in this post how I got rid of the ''Risk of particle filter clogging'' error on my Citroen C5 2.0, 163 CP, 2010.

I had to do the Periodical Technical Inspection here in Germany (TÜV) so I can still drive the car on the streets. I had an appointment at a service nearby me. They checked and tested all the systems, run the diagnostic with an OBD device, give me the papers and finish with the inspection. Everything went fine!

I left and went back home. In that evening I drove 60 km without a stop and with an average speed of 60-70km/h. Only 3 km in the city. While I was driving back from this location, the  ''Risk of particle filter clogging'' error popped up on my dashboard. I have the car since 2 years and a half and it is the first time when I see this error! I have heard on forums that other guys had it, but that's it, never encounter it with my Citroën .

I knew that the car has to burn that soot (ash) that gets accumulated on the Filter, and the way to do this is to drive your car constantly with a speed of minimum 60 km/h for more than 10-15 minutes because that facilitates the car to do the regeneration process. What is strange is that at that moment I was driving with a higher speed than 60km/h, and the only thing that ai could think of was to so to set the transmission in Manual mode and increase the engine RPMs. I did so for a while, but I advice you not to do it, because, as I found out after, it doesn't help.

Second day I was driving to work. The error pops up again. Even though I was near the working place, I still drove a few more kilometres just to get rid of the error. It disappeared! so I could stop the car now and go to work. Later that day, on the way back home the same problem occurs! I knew that the car wants /needs to do the regeneration, but I didn't know it can't do it. I have decided to check it with DiagBox, start checking the Exhaust Line Information (in the main Fault Findings menu). Looking at the amount of the Eolys regeneration liquid, I saw that this wasn't the problem, but a bit below I have noticed that the ''Authorization of regeneration' has the value set to ''No''.  Definitely this was the cause! But how to fix it? 

I could not change it because it was blocked as default, so I start looking into errors. There I found an error regarding the Filter, but was dated long time ago, when the car had around 54k Km, now it has 190k. I have tried to delete it. It asked me if I am willing to choose an ECU Zone. As I've been informed by the same dialog box, ECU has 50 zones and after you fill all those 50, you cannot delete errors anymore. I agreed and pressed OK till the end.

I went back to the Exhaust Line Information and looked at the ''Authorization of regeneration''. This time the value was set to ''Yes''. So basically now the car is "allowed" to do the regeneration, because, I remind you, before it didn't have authorisation! Whom set it like that, I don't know! 

Guess what! I drove to work. No ''Risk of particle filter clogging'' error appear! Drove back, no sign of any error! 

Now, I don't know if it is just a big coincidence that I have never had this error and it happened to come up just now, without any connection with the fact that someone in the service has used the OBD device, or those guys from the Service actually did something to stop the regeneration so I will have to turn back to them to ''fix'' it and take my money for ''reparation'' or, even more likely, for a new filter because ''this one is full''.
I am really waiting for your opinion.

The error that I have deleted in DiagBox :

sâmbătă, 17 octombrie 2020

How to change Instagram Theme to Black? Cum sa iti schimbi tema alba a Instagramului in cea neagra?

 I will explain in few steps how to change the Instagram Theme from the standard one (white) to the black one.

I have changed to Facebook and WhatsApp as well, and today, scrolling through Instagram's Settings, I have noticed that I can set my Instagram to a Black Theme! That's cool! It gives a better look and saves energy :) 

Let's start doing the change : 

1. Open the Instagram App and press on the small circle (bottom-right) of the screen. That will bring you to your profile.

2. You are not looking at your Instagram Profile. Press on those three lines (top -right) of your screen. This will bring you to the Menu of your profile.

3. Press on that gear (bottom-left). This will bring you tho the Settings of your profile.

4. Next step is to press the Theme button. You will be directed to the step number 5 where you can select the Dark Theme.

5. Select Dark and this will automatically change the color of your Instagram background.


O sa eplic in cativa pasi simpli cum puteti schimba tema Instagramului, din cea standard (alba) in cea neagra.

Deja mi-am schimbat tema pentru Facebook si WhatsApp si nu stiam ca si Instagram-ul are aceasta optiune. Astari derulam prin Setarile Instagramului si observ ca da, si aceasta aplicatie are o tema neagra. Imi plac temele negre, plus ca este ''eco friendly'' consuma mai putina baterie decat cea alba.

Haideti sa incepem a explica cum se schimba tema :

1. Deschideti aplicatia Instagram si apasati acel cerculet mic pozitionat in dreapta jos a ecranului. Veti fi directionati catre profilul dumneavoastra.

2. Acum va este afisat profilul dumneavoastra de Instagram. Apasati acele trei liniute situate in dreapta sus a ecranului. Veti ajunge la Meniul profilului dumneavoastra.

3. Apasati acel buton in forma de roata din stanga jos a ecranului. O sa vedeti acum Setarile profilului dumneavoastra.

4. Apasati pe butonu ''Theme'' sau ''tema'' in cazul in care aveti Instagramul in limba romana, si veti fi directionat catre pasul 5, care este si ultimul, unde puteti selecta tema neagra, sau in engleza Dak Theme.

5. Selectati Dark sau ''negru'' si asa ati reusiti sa schimbati fondul aplicatiei Instagram! 

sâmbătă, 5 septembrie 2020

Cum se schimba motorasele de la oglinda la Citroen C5

Am facut prostia si am vrut sa imi montez si eu LED in oglinda, ca sa vad cand isi face masina regenerarea filtrului de particule :)). Insa cand am desfacut oglinda, am rupt un culisaj care era montat pe unul dintre motorasele ce regleaza unghiul oglinzii. Nu faceti ca mine! :))

Sa va zic acum si cum va puteti repara oglinda electrica, in cazul in care ati rupt mecanismul ala cu motoras si cremaliera si acum intampinati aceeasi problema ca si mine.

Vorbim deci despre un Citroen C5, 2010, 2.0, 163 CP, cutie automata (insa acelasi mecanism,sa-l numim repair kit, este compatibil si cu alte automobile din gama PSA, gen Peugeot 206 207 306 307 308 Citroen C2 C3 C4).

Dupa ce am rupt mecanismul culisant, mi-am comandat imediat (din China) un altul. Apropo, timpul de livrare este foarte lung! In tot acest timp am pus niste bucati de cauciuc intre oglinda si carcasa (ca sa tina oglinda fixa in pozitia care iti ofera vizibilitatea necesara conducerii).

Acest mecanism, sau repair kit, este de pe AliExpress si puteti alege dintr-o multime de vanzatori, de unde vi se par preturile mai bune si timpul de livrare mai rapid.

Pasul 1 : Presupunand ca oglinda (sticla) este scoasa, desurubati cele trei subururi cu un torx de 10, apoi deconectati mufa ridicand acei clesti de plastic si impingand-o spre exterior cu o surubelnita mica.

Pasul 2 : Demontati partea rotunda de plastic trangand usor de papuceii aia care o tin blocata si impingand-o dintre oglinda spre exterior. (Sfat : 4 maini sunt mai utile decat doua :))).

Incepeti cu cei care va asigura o pozitie mai usoara de lucru. Dupa ce reusiti sa o scoateti putin, restul incepe sa iasa fara prea mare efort.

Pasul 3 : Conectati apoi mufa la noul mecanism si putem spune ca partea grea a trecut!
Dupa ce ati conectat mufa, puteti mecanismul in pozitia gaurilor (n-aveti cum sa gresiti) si insurubati cele trei subururi cu torxul.

Sfat : pentru a va asigura ca totul functioneaza, puteti tace un mic test de reglare pentru a vedea daca motorasele misca partea de fixare.

Pasul 4 : Acum cand sunteti siguri ca functioneaza, impingeti usor sticla oglinzii pe pozitie, inapoi in carcasa.

Drumuri bune!

duminică, 30 august 2020

How to install Revolut on Huawei Phone | Cum sa instalezi aplicatia Revolut pe un telefon Huawei

Yesterday I have encounter a problem which I did't have before, as well, I could not find any good article to guide me how to install Revolut application on a Huawei phone, so I have decided to write one by myself!

You know that some time ago, Google restricted it's services to the Chinese giant Huawei, so Google Play was removed and Huawei's users could not install the applications in the classic way as before. Anyway, there are methods of how to install back the Google play and run applications from it (I am sure there are a lot of articles on this subject) but the biggest problem you will face is when you search Netflix or, in this case Revolut, and you realise that they don't ever appear on Google Play Store!  This was also my problem! I haven't find it and even on Google if you can find it, when you are redirected to Google Play, it will show you a message that ''Your device isn't compatible with this version''.

Here is the solution : 

Some smart guys have created a website where you can download every version/update released of the (most popular) applications. The website is called On this website you will search Revolut and download which version you want. Curently, 30.August.2020, the latest version is 7.14.1.

Steps of installing Revolut on a Huawei phone :

1. Be sure you have previously installed Google Play on your phone. If not, check the internet and have it installed.
2. Go to the APKmirror and download the latest Revolut app version. Save it in a location (the default Downloads folder would be good) which you will know how to get to it later.
3. Go to Google Play Store search and download APK Mirror Installer. It looks like below : 

4. After installing APK Mirror application, open it and then press Browse Files.

5.By default, it opens the default Downloads folder and you can choose from there which version you want to install. At that moment 7.13. was the latest Revolut version. Press on it! It will pop up a screen where you will have to choose Install package.

6. The installation will begin and in a few seconds the system will tell you that it could not be verified by the Huawei AppGallery and you will be asked to search for it in AppGallery. You will press Install Anyway and then when the process is ready, you will be able to open the Revolut application and use it as normal.  

By the way, the same process works for Netflix as well.

sâmbătă, 8 august 2020

Cum se schimba suportii de motor (dreapta fata) pentru Citroen C5

Suport Motor Citroen C5 / Engine Mount
Suport Motor Citroen C5 rupt
Brokern Engine Mount
Suport Motor Citroen C5 / Engine Mount
Suport Motor Citroen C5 / Engine Mount
Am crezut ca o sa fie munca de jumatate de ora, insa a durat doua ore si asta pentru ca cel care mi-a schimbat suportul de motor 
(dreapta fata) se pricepea!

Dupa cum stiti, am un Citroen C5 (2010, 2.0, 163 CP) cu care nu am avut nici o problema pana acum, insa piesele mai cedeaza din cand in cand. 

Observasem ca la oprire motorul cam tremura si vorbisem cu un prieten care m-a asigurat ca de vina sunt suportii de motor (engine mount). Ridicam capota, ''i-a uite frate, ti'e rupt, de asta iti vibreaza!''

Suport Motor Citroen C5 / Engine Mount
Suport Motor Citroen C5 / Engine Mount
Dau o cautare pe Autodoc sa vad ce suporti de motor se potrivesc la Citroen-ul meu C5 (2010, 2.0, 163 CP, pentru alte versiuni va trebui sa verificati daca se potrivesc aceleasi piese), si comand piesa cu serialul  49371586 si 80005197, ambele fiind suporti de motor de la Corteco, unde prima este metal cu cauciuc iar al doilea cod este asociat unui suport hidraulic pentru motoarele de Citroen si Peugeot. Gasiti in dreapta cum arata cele doua piese.

O sa explic mai jos cum am schimbat suportii de motor! 

In primul rand incarcati-va cu rabdare si ...bere rece! 

Suport Motor Citroen C5 / Engine Mount
Schimbare Suport Motor Citroen C5
Cautati sa aveti la indemana un cric sau o macara (am avut noroc ca acest prieten care m-a ajutat avea macara).
Pasul 1
Prindeti in urechea motorului un carlig pe care o sa-l legati la macara printr-o coarda/sufa.
Pasul 2 :
Ridicati macaraua pana coarda/sufa sa fie intinsa, insa nu in tensiune.
Pasul 3
Incepeti prin a desuruba suruburile. Nu exista o ordine anume a suruburilor, insa este important sa tineti suspendat motorul in timpul schimbarii.

Vasul de expansiune, notat de mine cu x, poate fi dat la o parte pentru a va usura munca, insa cu putina pricepere, se pot schimba suportii fara ca sa-l dati de tot afara. 

Am simtit deja schimbarea! Motorul nu mai vibreaza la pornire/oprire plus ca nici atunci si cand schimb intre P, R sau D (cutie automata), nu mai exista socul ala care il simteam inainte. Efortul se merita! 

Mult succes! 

sâmbătă, 6 iunie 2020

Ce ulei si filtre se schimba la Citroen C5?

Se apropie perioada de facut mentenanta, sau servisul de un an / 15.000 Km parcursi pentru Citroenul meu modelul C5, an 2010, motor 2.0, 163 CP.

Nu am facut inca 15.000 km de la ultima schimbare a uleiului, filtrelor de ulei, combustibil si aer, insa a trecut un an si o sa le schimb in decursul zilelor urmatoare.

Pentru Motor am cumparat uleiul recomandat de Citroen, si anume : Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5w-30, la 5 litri. Acesta este un ulei care asigura o buna ungere si functionare a motorului, si este special pentru masinile care au Filtru de particule (FAP). De astemenea, odata cu schimbarea uleiului trebuie schimbat si filtrul de ulei. Din ce am citit pe forumuri sau grupuri de pasionati, sunt recomandate filterele Purflux. Cel cu seria L398A se potriveste. Nu uitati sa schimbati si O-ringul. Eu a trebuit sa cumpar si un capac FT94709 pentru filtrul de ulei pentru ca al meu a fost ciupit la ultimul schimb si nu vreau sa raman cu capacul blocat sa nu-l mai pot desface, asa ca am decis sa-l schimb si pe acesta.

Ca filtru de aer pentru motor am ales tot un Purflux A1566, iar pentru combustibil (diesel) un Purflux C526 (recomandarea unui profesionist : se va drena carcasa filtrului de motorina si se curata pilitura depusa! Neindepartarea acestora va duce la defectiunea injectoarelor.)

Filtrul de polen, sau filtru de cabina este un Purflux AHA272.

Optional, am completat cu ulei hidraulic Total Fluide LDS rezervorul suspensiei (atentie, acesta se completeaza dupa ce ati depresurizat instalatia sau daca nu stiti cum sa o depresurizati, lasati masina pe cea mai joasa treapta a suspensiei si adaugati ulei pana se vede nivelul pe sita aia).

Ca antigel am folosit Prestone pentru ca nu eram sigur ce culoare am avut inainte, iar acesta este un antigel universal.

Sper ca acest articol va ajutat iar acum stiti ce filtre puteti folosit pentru Citroenul dumneavoastra.

joi, 5 martie 2020

Cum sa iti setezi tema Dark Mode pe Whatsapp!

Daca doresti sa ai fundal negru in loc de cel clasic, deschis la culoare, atunci poti seta tema de WhatsApp in cea de Dark Mode.

Iti explic cum faci asta in doar cativa pasi.

1. Daca nu ai facuta inca Update aplicatiei de WhatsApp, atunci acesta va fi primul pas.
2. Dupa Update, deschizi WhatsApp-ul si apesi pe Settings ca in poza de mai jos :

Dark Mode Theme pe Whatsapp
Dark Mode Theme pe Whatsapp > Settings

marți, 11 februarie 2020

Volkswagen Golf - De la primul model din 1980 pana la cel din 2019. Evolutia Golf-ului in poze.

Am trecut astazi pe la Volkswagen, in Wolfsbug sa casc gura si sa ma adapostesc de frig. Am fost placut surprins sa vad ca de la batranul Golf I din 1980 pana la Golf VIII, cel din 2019, toate modelele sunt expuse pentru a fi admirate de toata lumea.

Intreaga istorie a Volkswagen Golf-ului in imagini!
Am facut cateva poze si am sa le urc aici pentru a le vedea si voi :

Volkswagen Golf 1
Volkswagen Golf 1 1980

vineri, 13 decembrie 2019

Cum sa dezactivezi Economy Mode-ul la Citroen C5

Post preluat de pe grupul de Facebook Citroen C5 Club Romania.

Solutie Economy mode😉
1.Conectati Diagbox (Lexia), puneti contactul si asteptati pentru identificarea masinii
2.Selectati "Fault Finding" si asteptati terminarea Global Test-ului
3.Mergeti pe modulul BSI --> apasati pe butonul verde din dreapta jos si urmariti instructiunile de contact luat/pus
4.Selectati "Repair"
6.Manual Configuration
7.Vehicle Configuration
8.Driver Configuration
9.Parcurgeti lista in jos pana observati "Battery Charge Estimate Function" si selectati optiunea cu click stanga
10.Apasati buton verde din dreapta jos.
11.Apasati din nou butonul verde din dreapta jos si o sa observati 3 optiuni.
12.Selectati "Present, Done by the Built in Systems InterfaceP"
13.Vei fi returnat pe ecranul anterior, unde in partea din dreapta jos se afla un buton  de settings (arata ca o roata dintata) langa butonul verde.
14.Apasati butonul de Settings (roata dintata), din momentul acesta modificarea a fost efectuata, NU mai apasati pe butonul verde.
15. Apasati sageata din stanga jos pentru a parcurge meniurile anterioare
16. Puteti asculta muzica dupa ce motorul a fost oprit, indiferent de baterie.
Atentie modificarea se face doar daca in optiunea:"Battery Charge Estimate Function" se afla "Present, Done by the Battery Charge Status Unit"